Tow Bar FAQ’s

Tow Bar FAQ’s


How easy is it to fit a tow bar?

This can be a very difficult question to answer as it depends: Firstly, on the person fitting it. How much skill and knowledge do they have? Tools? etc. In general anyone who is happy to work on their vehicle on a regular basis will find the majority of tow bars are straight forward to fit. To try to make this question easier to answer for every individual we suggest reading the tow bar fitting instructions. These can be found in the tow bar product details found on this website. There is additionally, a growing how to fit guide data base on this website or email us at

Will this tow bar fit my vehicle?

To find the tow bar kit that will fit your car you need to know the following-; The make, model and year. On vans you may also need to know the wheel base and rear axle type. The main cause of wrongly ordered tow bars comes from model change over years. For example a 2019 Vauxhall Vivaro could be a 2014 to 2019 or a vastly different 2019 onwards model. Knowing which one you need to fit will mean you get the right tow bar first time.

If I give my registration number can you tell me which tow bar will fit my car?

The simple answer is -: sometimes! There isn't a 100% accurate registration tow bar checking database unfortunately. This is because of the model change over year issue mentioned above but also because vehicle manufacturers register some new models early and old models late.   Take the Citroen Berlingo as a case in point. The origin model was said to have been registered upto 2008. We have however, come across these models with registrations as late as 2012! Having a registration number will certainly help, so will checking the way the vehicle looks versus the model year pictures.

The tow bar supplied will not fit my vehicle?

Obviously, there could be many reasons for this. The most common are-:

  1. The wrong vehicle model has been chosen. We recommend checking the fitting instructions supplied with the kit. If your make, model and year are not listed on these instructions then it is probably the wrong bar.
  2. The fitting instructions have not be read and / or understood. Please contact us at 
  3. Parts are missing / wrong parts packed into the tow bar kit. Please check the parts list found on the fitting instructions, against the parts received. If you find anything wrong we would be pleased to get the rights parts out to you as soon as possible. Email us at