Transit MK 8 Tow Bar Wiring

Transit MK 8 Tow Bar Wiring

Tow Bar Wiring To Fit The Ford Transit MK8

There are several things you need to be aware of before ordering and installing tow bar wiring to the Ford Transit MK8. Once you have decided upon the basics, such as 7 or 13 pin format and whether the wiring is just to run the trailer lights or lights and caravan electrics (to find out more about tow bar wiring please click here). The next issue is, is the engine installed the 2.0L Euro 6, 2.0L Euro 6.2 or 2.2L Euro 5? This is because the connector plugs in the different models differ from one another. Finally, you need to find out if the van has trailer prep installed?

Trailer Prep

So, what is trailer prep? It varies between manufacturers and vehicles but on The Ford Transit MK8 (And Custom which uses the same engines) it means there may be a (blanked off) plug located between the spare wheel holder and near side rear wheel arch, as can be seen on the picture below.


If Trailer Prep is installed on the van, the wiring kit for trailer prep can be ordered. This has a price advantage (as there is less actual wire needed) and a quicker installation time. For example, if your van is the 2.0L Euro 6 version the 7 Pin tow bar wiring kit for the 2.0L Euro 6 with Prep would be the cheapest and quickest installation solution.

Main Connections

Regardless of whether your Transit MK8 has trailer prep, the main connections are made in the front passenger foot well. On kits for models without trailer prep the wiring runs from the towing socket at the rear, along the chassis rail to the front footwell. That means these kits can be fitted to the van regardless of whether it has trailer prep or not.


After installing the wiring loom, the van will need to be coded. Van coding is where the van is plugged into a diagnostic scanner and the relevant coding work (as shown in the fitting instructions) is carried out. From dedicated wiring kit installation the trailer lights operate as expected. But for the trailer related safety functions (Dash board tell tales etc.) built into the van by Ford to work, coding is required.

Wiring Faults

Fortunately, modern wiring is very reliable. The only fault which sometimes arises on the MK8 and Custom, is a complete failure. Which is always due to the incorrect installation of the control box in the front passenger foot well. This electronic brain box, like everything electrical does not work if getting wet. It is really important the box is installed so that any water thrown away from it rather than into it. The correct orientation is shown in the picture below. It is also worth noting that water damage is not covered by the warranty offered on this product or any electrical products for that matter.


For detailed fitting instructions on the various vehicle specific dedicated tow bar wiring kits for the Ford Transit MK8, please click on the product data sheet of the wiring kits listed below.


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Transit MK8 2.0L No Prep 2016>2021 - 7Pin DEDICATED TowBar Wiring Kit

Product no.: FR083B1U

£136.24 *
RRP Incl. VAT £196.80
You save £60.56
Product data sheet

Ford Transit 2.2L Euro5 MK8 2014>2020 7Pin DEDICATED Towbar Electrics Kit

Product no.: FR070B1U-transit

£136.24 *
RRP Incl. VAT £157.67
You save £21.43
Product data sheet

Ford Transit 2.2L Euro 5 2014>2020 13Pin DEDICATED Tow Bar Wiring Kit

Product no.: FR070H1U-Tran

£173.83 *
RRP Incl. VAT £200.00
You save £26.17
Product data sheet

Ford Transit MK8 Tow Bar Wiring 2.0L + Prep - 7 Pin DEDICATED Electrics Kit

Product no.: FR096B1U-Transit

£123.50 *
RRP Incl. VAT £200.00
You save £76.50
Product data sheet

Ford Transit MK8 2.0 Euro 6 +Prep 13 Pin DEDICATED Tow Bar Wiring Kit

Product no.: FR096D1U-Tran

£135.19 *
RRP Incl. VAT £210.00
You save £74.81
Product data sheet
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