Vivaro 2014 to 2019 Tow Bar Wiring

Vivaro 2014 to 2019 Tow Bar Wiring

The Vauxhall Vivaro September 2014 to June 2019 tow bar wiring installation is very straight forward. When using a dedicated tow bar wiring kit all the wiring occurs at the rear of the van, other than the need to insert a fuse in the vans fuse box which is located by the glove box

The trickyist part seems to be locating the 12v power cables in the vans rear which are needed to power the electronic control box. The two wires are hidden in the nearside rear taped up wiring loom. Once the tape has been removed a white two pin plug will be revealed or a red and pink wire as shown below.














Simply connect the fused power cables to these two wires after making the light and earth connections, insert the fuse into the vans fuse box as shown in the fitting instructions and then reconnect the battery. Other than this, the dedicated wiring kits are pretty much plug and play and the full fitting instructions for each kit can be viewed in the product data hyper llink in the price box for each kit shown below.


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Vauxhall Vivaro 13 Pin DEDICATED TowBar Wiring Kit Aug 2014 >Jun 2019

Product no.: RN16413MU

£172.53 *
RRP Incl. VAT £259.20
You save £86.67
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Vauxhall Vivaro Sep 2014 to Jun 2019 7 Pin Dedicated TowBar Wiring Kit

Product no.: RN16407MU-vivaro

£157.65 *
RRP Incl. VAT £212.00
You save £54.35
Product data sheet
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